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We now only grow garlic.

Our variety's this year are Red Russian, a hot eastern European garlic. Music, Ontario's most grown garlic originally from Italy. And Ivan Garlic. Ivan is an Ontario cultivated garlic by the Ivan McIlroy family. Not knowing where it originally came from the McIlroy's maintain the purity of the garlic by always growing it from bulbils. It is the hottest garlic I have ever eaten. Delicious.

We also offer pickled garlic 500 ML $6.00 and

250 ml 100% pure garlic powder. They make perfect  gifts

$20.00 each and 250 ml of Galic Scape Powder at $18.00 Try this powder and you will never by garlic at the store again.  

514-518-6780 or email


The best garlic in Eastern Ontario

Brad Norrad and Carol Chatland - Chatnor Farms




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